Wednesday, June 18, 2008

T + 165 hours

The one-week mark approacheth
Of course by the time I'm finished writing, editing, all that stuff and finally get around to actually posting it the one-week barrier may have been breached already.

A week. Just saying it, it doesn't sound like much. There are 52 of them in a year, it's not like they're rare or anything. Hell, we have weeks lying around all over the calendar. There's a week everywhere you look these days. We toss them around like confetti. Seven puny days. One hundred, sixty-eight hours. A week.

But... when I had to go to the local Doc-in-the-Box this morning for a bit of unscheduled (and unrelated, so relax) maintenance and the nurse filling in the "new patient history" asked the question "Do you smoke?" I could honestly answer "No, I just quit."
"How long since you quit?"

"A week."

A week. Okay, so I fudged a little -- but she didn't know, and I wanted to get used to the sound of it. And a few other interesting factoids surfaced too. Systolic pressure down by 8 points. Pulse rate (at rest): 64 (down from the typical 72-77). And this is after only (wait for it...) a week.

I may add to this later. But for a while at least, I'm just going to let myself get used to the thought.

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