Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just a Word If I Could

Some of you know Charlene, and a few of you may know that her dad is in pretty critical shape right now in the hospital with multiple organ failures. Frankly he's not expected to hold on much longer, but Charlene's not the most proficient at sending text/email from her phone so I'm not sure of the exact prognosis. Sounded like he'd already had one stroke, and the doctors expect more.

Anyway, she can apparently access the web from her phone, but only to read -- not post or comment. And she can get and reply to email (see not above regarding replies though). If you have the inclination and the time, I imagine she'd appreciate your thoughts. Some of us have been there, and most of us will be at one point in some way. Anyway, if you want to leave a comment here I'm guessing she can read it. If you'd rather send it directly, you can email her at

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1 comment:

Carmi said...

You're a good friend indeed. Just popped over there and left a comment. She seems like an inspirationally strong person, for all she's been through.