Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still Relentless

Some of you inquired after my last post, "Mojo, where can I get one of those oh-so-fetching bracelets for my very own?"
Well never fear, I'm all about keeping my audience happy, whatever it takes. So, after literally three emails I was finally able to track down a source for these lovely items as well as many other fine gifts that benefit the Lukemia and Lymphoma Society.
On their website, the Society has a link to the LLS e-Store. If you go to the very bottom of this page, there's a direct link that will take you to the site that hosts the store, and deposit you right at the very item you're looking for. If you want to browse other items, you can get to the main eStore page from there. If you go that route, you'll find that the bands are also available in Youth sizes for the same low price of a buck apiece.
So there you have it friends! Now you too can be "Relentless" for only a dollar. Where you gonna find a better deal than that? You won't.


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1 comment:

ciara said...

that's cool that they're still available. :)

just drop by to tell you i did this week's thematic photographic already in case you wanted to check it out.