Friday, October 24, 2008

Skywatch Friday #3: Guardian

"Shore Battery"
Ft. Macon, NC - November 2000 (Click to embiggen)

Sky Watch Friday

It seemed fitting to have a big gun under a leaden sky. This is Fort Macon, NC. Once a stronghold for Confederate troops during the Civil War, the fort was used as a shore battery to repel enemy warships until the end of World War II. Now it serves only as a historical site... and a reminder of a grim past.
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Mama Zen said...

That is a grim picture. Very cool!

Dianne said...

makes ya wonder if it'll come to that again

ignore me - I'm feeling a bit cranky

beautiful shot

bobbie said...

Kind of grim. But kind of neat. It's a pretty sky.

Mimi Lenox said...

Yes! I sat in one of those arched windows once and posed for a picture. Where is that thing?? Looking....

You always catch the best skies..

Kimmie said...

The Civil War Era is my favorite part of american history. Till this day I love to research it.

This is an awesome photo! I can invision the whole scene.