Saturday, November 29, 2008

How Do You Say "Happy Birthday" in Latin?

It would be appropriate plus it would sound so cool if I could have found a Latin translation of the sentiment for today's special guest. Today we celebrate the anniversary of the birth of Her Majesty, Mimi of Bloggingham Palace. (I won't say which one, you can ask her yourself if you like. She might even tell you.)

But whatever language we might express the sentiment in, it seems only fitting that the progenitor (progenitress? Is that a word?) of the BlogBlast for Peace, also known as the Peace Globe Movement, be feted with a globe of her own honoring the day. So Mimi, this globe's for you.

Happy Birthday, oh Queen of Peace Globes. Take a load off today... you've earned it.
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ciara said...

happy birthday, mimi, love! hope the day is just wonderful. btw that non birthday post didn't fool me hehe

mojo i love how you put the globe in ths :) very befitting, but where is mimi's crown? ;p~~

Mojo said...

Didn't you see she's taking the day off??

Mimi Lenox said...

Pssstt!....I came out of hiding to say that a little birdie told me that a little birdie told her that a little birdie told him that a big mouth birdie in a hockey jersey somehow got his hands on the royal calendar and spilled the beans that today is not my birthday so I wrote a post to clear that up just in case the little birdie is spreading this kind of birdie talk in the kingdom today.
Did you get that little birdie?

(Seriously. Thank you. How sweet of you.)
The birthday globe is sooo cool and beautifully done. I love the quote and the sentiment. Very much appreciated, my friend.
You made my day.

Now, I'm going to have a little talk with all the other little birdies just in case this rumor spreads and Homer finds out we don't really have cake in the castle and starts a revolution as he's been known to do. Oh! Yes, we do! This one looks just yummy.

Going back into hiding now...

tiff said...

Feliz Navidad??