Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Challenge #2: "Hobbies"

Raleigh, NC - November 2008 (Click to embiggen)
Next Week's Challenge: "Soft"

Thursday Challenge

I'm breaking a personal rule here and uploaded a version larger than I normally would because you really need to see this embiggened to see why I love it so much. Sometimes, you just gotta break the rules.
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Doctor Err said...


nukke said...

Yes, you can see clearly the speed. You can feel the wind in this pic !!!

ps. you should add here this possibility to write your NAME and URL !

my blog is

Jan Parrish said...

Makes me want to ride in the wind...

magiceye said...

lovely capture of motion!!

Mona said...

Its action all the way!

Happy Thanksgiving to Mojo & Family!

Maureen Hayes said...

Wow, this is a truly great shot. As anyone who has ever tried to capture action knows, it is difficult, if not impossible, to lose something. I love how the background has been blurred slightly and the focus it brings to the horse and rider. Terrific job!

Kerstin said...

Thanks for Your comment!
Nice hobby! And a nice photo!
Kerstin J

Myfanwy said...

Great shot, well captured. Much more difficult than my little effort! Thanks for your kind comment, though.

Shinade said...

Tahnk you Mojo for the tip about my UV lens. I will be much more careful.

Oh my I also need to learn how to do this. To capture in action, have the principle figure clear, and the background blurred.

Oh there's so much to learn. Also i was always uploading my pictures smaller too.

I did that to make download time easier. but, then another person told me that as a photo blog I should upload a larger size.

I think my fist instinct was correct. I may be new to photography but I am not new to design and blogging.

After I make this wild and crazy run of weekend memes. I am going back to the smaller size.

Do you just make a separate post some where that is back dated if they prefer to see the image larger?

I know how to do it the old fashion way on a .com with FTP. but, I am not sure how to do it on Blogger.

Thanks Mojo for everything!!

me said...

is that how you keep your girlish figure?

Mojo said...

@me: Was that a man-boob joke?
Hey, the theme didn't say it had to be my hobby.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Hi Mojo, thanks for visiting my blog, I have been a bit obsessed with the mustang and general horse slaughter issue for some months now if you look back in my blog, it is tearing me up inside because I feel so helpless. Anyway on to your picture.

Even though you cropped the legs off of this I like the sense of movement/action and the fact that there is a point of focus which is the horse's head. Have you tried doing this in B&W? It is not as easy as you think to get a successful motion blur shot that is appealing to look at believe me, but this has a nice sense of freedom. I am a bit of a rebel sometimes and whith your photo "purists" will tell you it is no good I think it is great. Keep practicing, horses are not as easy to photograph as people think, their bursts of action are few and far between and only last mere minutes so I get really cranky when someone tells me a photo of mine looks like a "snapshot"!!!!