Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Today's Special: Sucks-To-Be-Sick-On-Your-Birthday Soup

Ya know I'm all about birthdays and cake here. But my dear friend JC had the undying gall to be sick on her birthday this year, sending my bakers into a panic. 'Cause there's very little that sucks worse than cake when you're convinced you're dying.

Fortunately, my chicken soup is legendary for its medicinal properties, so I gave the bakers the day off and took over the kitchen myself. 'Cause sick, dead or dying (well okay, maybe not actually dead) there's gonna be something with a candle in it 'round here come daylight of 2 December.

So if ya'll would say a few kind words for one of the greatest people I know, I'd be much obliged. 'Cause if there's anything with more unsickerating powers than my famous chicken soup, it's gotta be... well, okay there's nothing except maybe penicillin. And a few kind words.

Gotta get the girl back on her feet soon, she's got important stuff to do! So help me out here will ya?
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Felisol said...

Dear friend of Mojo's.
Decemberchildren should stay safe and sound in...December.
They (means you and I)are so busy this month that things may easily get messed up.
I have never seen a soup with a birthday light in it.
It looks delicious though, so after some spoonfuls you probably will feel a tiny bit better.
Hopefully you are all able to celebrate next weekend.
Happy, happy birthday to you.
From Felisol

Mona said...

Happy Birthday to JC! Get well soon!

Hey Mojo. It was susie's birthday too...& I write about a cake. What a coincidence!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Thank you for stopping my blog, and informing me it was a Kayak and not a canoe. LOL Anyway happy birthday to your poor sick friend, sending good vibes her way.

Raven said...

Happy Birthday, JC. Hope you feel better quickly. I have taken to celebrating "birthday season," so you can just expand the event and celebrate when you are ready. In any case may the year which follows be better than the day that's starting it. Happy Birthday.

Daryl said...

Happy Birthday JC .. go blow your nose and have some more soup


Kay said...

What a great gift… the gift of soup and good wishes! Hopefully JC feels better soon!

Doctor Err said...

damn straight she's got important stuff to do!!!!

i. can't. wait.