Saturday, January 10, 2009


If you were one of the many who wrote memorial posts for Suzanne (Liquid), or if you haven't but you do write one at some point, her friend Amias has put up an autolink on Liquid Illuzion so that all of Suzanne's friends can share in it. Like most of us, Liquid traveled in several non-intersecting "circles" and this way all of the bloggers in all of those circles can share their memories with the rest. If you want to share yours, add the permalink to the post (not your home page) to the autolink at:
Remembering Suzanne

Also, if you want to sign the online guestbook for the family, it is now permanent so it will be available to read and sign for as long as the site that hosts it is operating. The link to the guestbook is: Suzanne's Guestbook
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Shadow said...

thanks. i've been to the guestbook. this is a wonderful thing to do.