Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Photo Challenge #3: The Good Earth: v.2.0 - "Home is Where the Garden Is"

"Eden Never Had It So Good"
Hendersonville, NC - July 2006 (Click to embiggen)
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Okay if you're confused, you're in good company. The good Dr. Cason turned over the helm of Friday Photo Challenge to guest hosts this month, and Tinkerbell’s Momma Kat took it for the first week, but apparently not for the whole month. And as of 7:45 AM EDT, nobody's drawn the assignment for this week, and it appears that the only post up for it is this one. So I guess that kinda makes me the de facto host... as the only player. But if you want to play along, leave a link in the comments and once a host is settled, I'll let ya know.

As the first host of the month, TMK also got to pick the theme, and elected "The Good Earth" as the raison d'etre. That much is staying the same, 'cause that's how this meme rolls.

So last week I picked a shot from a nature preserve because that's the best earth we have left on this panet and I hope to keep it that way. But there's "Good Earth" to be found closer to home too. In this case, it's not my home, but a friend's who lives in the mountain town of Hendersonville, NC. Despite not having the greatest soil for growing stuff in, she's managed to bring forth these retina-popping gardens, one of which is in this photo. Not an easy trick when most of the soil in your neighborhood is decompsed granite.Violence Unsilenced
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Shadow said...

a little piece of eden for sure!

ROSIDAH said...

Wow, that's a remarkable idea! She did a wonderful job.

Robin said...

Retina-popping is right - that garden is a little piece of paradise.

I'm in total awe of anyone who can actually grow things. I have the world's blackest thumb. My poor plants see me coming and curl up and die in self-defense!

Asha said...

Gorgeous and what a riot of colors! Me suffer from pollen allergy, I can only look at them standing behind the glass window or walk among them drugged up! ;p

Daryl said...

Good job .. Adam & Eve would have been proud