Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thematic Photographic 46: Round v.7.0

"Retirement Fund"
Raleigh, NC - April 2009 (Click to embiggen)

Thematic Photographic hosted by Carmi - Button Image by Smarmoofus  Hosted by Written Inc.

And for our final round of roundness, we have what makes the world go around (with that lovely clanky sound... or however that song goes). And with the state of the economy being what it is, I'm hanging onto this "hard" money because the bullion value of the metal might eventually be worth more than the coinage itself.Violence UnSilenced
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Daryl said...

I am now singing Money Money Money but cant think of what show its from ...

Anonymous said...

nice final round for "round" what kind of lighting here Mojo, its nice,dark enough to put focus on the coins not so dark you loose the detail you need for a closeup.

Sweetly said...

Ka-ching! Great macro shot for the "round" theme!