Saturday, May 30, 2009

Round Robin Challenge #8: "Growing"

"Opening Day"
Raleigh, NC - May 2009 (Click to embiggen)

Round Robin Challenge
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Wammy said...

Absoutley Breath taking!

Sherrie said...

This is so beautiful!!! The red is so bright and I could almost pick it! Have a great day!!


Carly said...

Hi Mojo :)

Stunning! Such rich, vibrant colors! A lovely way to start a Saturday!


Suzanne R said...

What a beautiful, bright flower! A perfect shot!

Monica said...

It took me a bit to find the growing entry but, it was certainly worth the search! Beautiful color

a corgi said...

I loved the color of this flower! so vibrant! very nice!

enjoy your day :)


Far Side of Fifty said...

Beautiful photo:)

Butch and Angie said...

Beautiful flower, but I especially like the rain drops you captured, too!