Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thematic Photographic 60: "Laundry" v.1.0 - "Spin Cycle"

"Yeah, That's What I Said Too"
Raleigh, NC - July 2009 (Click to embiggen)

Thematic Photographic hosted by Carmi - Button Image by Smarmoofus Hosted by Written Inc.

When I read that this week's Thematic Photographic theme was "Laundry" my first reaction was, "Laundry? Laundry?? WTF??" I thought of many creative compositional possibilities, none of which will I have time to find and execute for the next few days, so hopefully my humble laundry facilities will suffice until the weekend. Since I'll be helping my son move into his new apartment at school, chances are better than average that some kind of laundry-themed scene will present itself. I mean, we are talking about college styudents here.

Oh wait... that's right, they bring all their laundry home.

Curses. Foiled again.

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Klaatu said...

I wanted to join a spin class to get exercise. All I got was wet and bruised. I may have misunderstood the concept.

AudreyO said...

I actually love the photo. When I first looked at it, I really wasn't sure what it was until I read your caption. Really nice photo.

Dimple's Mom said...

Hi Mojo, i bet this is your WW entry. i tried to check your latest photos but there's not a photo that says WW. :)

Anyways, this is such a creative shot. i can't imagine it's taken inside the washing machine. :)


Anonymous said...

An interesting object of the inner parts of a machine I might not not survive without in my household!!

SandyCarlson said...

Perfect. Utterly perfect. This feels like the socks' eye view of the spin cycle. The light makes me think it's from the inside out. Can this be?

magiceye said...

fantastic perspective!

Catherine said...

I love the simplicity of this one

Shadow said...


Daryl said...

Clever! said...

Lovely Lovely shot, great tones.

Here is My Laundry

Vita Stunder said...

Stunning perspective and use of light!!

This is a piece of art Vackra!
And mono..

Mycket, mycket vackert!!