Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thematic Photographic 72: "Junk" v.7.0 - Fill In The Junk - Part Deux

"Making Space"
Wake Forest, NC - October 2009 (Click to embiggen)

Thematic Photographic hosted by Carmi - Button Image by Smarmoofus Hosted by Written Inc.

I was going to treat you to another study of now-defunct farm machinery from Jacksonville today, but over the weekend while out with the Tonka Unit on a Photo Hunt I spied this pile of what probably was once someone's home. This is in a new under-construction subdivision with "single family homes starting in the low 200's". Never mind that the concept of the "low" end of $200,000-plus is probably completely alien to the former owners of this mound of detritus. What will go up in its place will most likely be larger and more efficient, as well as exponentially more expensive and less well-built. More and more, even the smaller towns in the county are finding themselves in front of a bulldozer with large, cheaply built McMansions replacing homesteads that have been in families for generations. How many generations this pile of rubble passed through on the way to its current sorry state is anyone's guess. And it's entirely possible that this was once a "mill house" never owned by anyone for very long, and merely a stop along the way to the American Dream. It's impossible to tell its history now, but its future is certain enough. The land it stood on will be in-filled, and the house that is no more will be landfilled. (Although technically the term "in fill" refers to knocking down a house in an established neighborhood and erecting a McMansion in its place rather than building an entirely new subdivision, but the term fit the idiom so I (mis-)used it. And nested my parentheses in the process.)
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Daryl said...

Wonderful shot .. especially in monochrome .. and learning about it makes it even more effective

Mama Zen said...

Ah, Mojo, you write as well as you shoot! I hate to see old houses torn down to make way for cookie cutter stuff that looks just like everything else in the vicinity.