Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanks Auntie D! (You Rock!)

"They just find the best stuff!"
Raleigh, NC - November 2009 (Click to embiggen)

I'm hijacking Dad's blog for a minute, 'cause he won't let me have my own (don't know why, he's got a spare computer I could use after all). Anyway, if you remember my birthday last year you remember that yummy smelling box that arrived a few days later. Well it took a little while to figure out where it came from, but it wasn't hard to figure out that it smelled really gooood. Well this year, not only did the box smell good, it was specially made for me! How cool is that? So to my dear Auntie Daryl, and Gus, Rosie and Uncle Ray too... thank you! This is really awesome!
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Red Lotus Mama said...

How cool is that! I bet your dog was so excited.

I had to take this down last week because I posted it on the wrong day ... so, here it is again ... Princess D's Weekend of Fun:

Anonymous said...

That looks dogylicious!!
Nicely wrapped up too :) A nice Auntie D you've got.

By the way, which obedience school did you attend? I wish my dog will type too instead of only stepping all over my keyboard :P

Sheba said...

Tonka! Happy birthday!!! That cake looks totally awesome! Am I invited for the party?


Symphony of Love said...

That looks really good that even I am tempted to take a bite. :)

Daryl said...

Tonka .. Mom did not listen when we told her your birthday was comin' but she said not to worry she was gettin' you somethin' yum .. and she said the lady at BubbaRose sez peoples eat'em too!

Happy Birthday Tonka, your palz Gus & Rosie

lisaschaos said...

Did you try to take it from him? It looks good enough for people!

Lil Bit said...

LOL, cute.
Happy Bday, Tonka! =)

Mama Zen said...