Friday, March 26, 2010


Balanced on a razor
Too sharp to stay on
Too high to fall off
The wolf is never
Far from the door
An exile lives
In the city of his birth
Turned out by circumstance
Turned into a refugee
Without a refuge
The light from over there
Promises hope
If he can only cross the road

About this piece: Looking at this photo of the cars turning Tate Street into a game of Human Frogger, I thought you'd really have to want one of those subs to brave the traffic to get there. For most of us that's an inconvenience. But for the one looking for a break from starvation -- or a job -- those cars aren't just standing between him or her and some calories. They may very well be standing in the way of life itself. (Yes, I know, you can walk to the corner and wait for the light to change. It's a metaphor okay?)

About the photo: Taken in Greensboro, NC in February of 2010, outside Aycock Auditorium

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Daryl said...

Another perfect combo ...

Donnetta Lee said...

This so reminds me of my brother. No, he isn't poor. But he feels he lives an exiled life right at home. Of course, I believe his exile is self imposed. Good one. D

Anonymous said...

Thanks and have a great weekend!

Nessa said...

A very interesting perspective that we so often never think about. makes me think about the machine that Richard Gere had to negotiate in the King Arthur movie.

Anonymous said...

unique and unforgettable!
Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

unique and unforgettable!
Happy Friday!

Alice Audrey said...

I can see it, though I think the metaphor would work better for me if it was a soup kitchen than a Subs shop. Imagine, the hungry bum unable to reach the helping hand offered....

SandyCarlson said...

Get there, homeboy.

lisaschaos said...

I get the metaphor. I'm game for playing frogger - ribbit!