Thursday, June 12, 2008

Day... 2!

Yes, folks, as of 6:00 pm (a mere 2 minutes ago) I have officially crossed the 24-hour barrier. Another fresh adhesive-backed plastic patch is in place, which reminds me of what I didn't like about those things from last time. (They burn a bit when you first apply them.) It is only 24 little hours behind me, but I can't adequately describe the relief of making it through the first day. Theoretically, they get easier from this point. Right? (right?)

So I have to stop, take a moment and thank all of those people who've helped me get to this point. JC, you are awesome girl. I have no words (note the date folks, it doesn't happen often). Debi, I would not have made it through the first half of this without you. And in no particular order (except the order I happened to cut and paste: db grin, Wordnerd, kenju, Roo, justrun, tracy_lynn, tiff, and mamie... thanks for stopping by (or sending a proxy) and reminding me that yeah, I can pull this off. I have to remember to acknowledge this because (a) I really wasn't expecting it and isn't it always nice to get something you're not execting? and (b) more important I need to keep reminding myself that while it's my issue to deal with, it is one helluva lot easier when you have the support of others.Stumble Upon Toolbar


tiff said...

Day 2! Yee HAW!!!!

What new differences are you noticing?

And hey - how much did you smoke before you quitted?

Mojo said...

Tiff! Nice to hear from yaz. I'm just about to post a new one with some of the new differences but for starters I'd say the biggest one is that I can't sit still without talkin' Cravey's ear off (metaphorically speaking I mean). To answer your question, roughly 33 years at around a carton a week. At my peak(s), more than that. I don't handle "moderation" well.