Friday, March 20, 2009

"CollaboWriting", Or: "Story by Borg"

What happens when you get seven warped imaginations (Heather, Eli, Richard, Zeptimius, Emily, Ingrid, and of course, yours truly) together on one project? A truly bizarre story. Our dear Ingrid of Nice Cream (Happy Birthday again dear!) challenged her readers a while back to a collective story effort. The rules were simple. You could write only one sentence at a time, and before you could write another, someone else had to contribute a sentence. As you can well imagine this led to some of the most egregious examples of run-on sentences in the history of English grammar, but it also led to a rather surreal yarn that turned out much better than anyone expected. And at 2000 words, we called it complete and published it under the working title Nice Cream Collaborative Story Extravaganza. Now doesn't that just make you want to rush right over and devour this tale? Or perhaps you've got a better title?

In a follow on effort, we split into teams to tackle the same prompt independent of each other. The rules were slightly different this time. This time each contributor was tasked with a minimum of 5 sentences per day and rather than cut things off at a predetermined word count, the teams were given a deadline of March 22 to complete the piece. The setup reads like this:
Characters: An unambitious smuggler and a depressed but successful actor/actress.
Type: Humorous thriller.
Start of the story: Misunderstanding.
End of the story: Confession.

Watch this space! I'll be posting the links to all of the assorted variations as soon as they're published.
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Daryl said...

Clever people .. so lucky to have the time to be so very ...

Shadow said...

oh that story is GREAT! really!

tiff said...

That sounds like a terrifical idea!

Eaton Bennett said...

I clicked and read. Very interesting collection of sentences, they made sense and told a story. Well done! I'm still smiling at some of the more 'out there' ideas...
Looking forward to the next collective effort. :))