Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday Photo Challenge #3: The Good Earth: v.1.0 - "Nothing But Footprints"

"Unspoiled - For Now"
Beaufort, NC - July 2003 (Click to embiggen)

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This month, the Good Doctor is farming out FPC to guest hosts and the lucky one this week is Tinkerbell’s Momma Kat. (You might want to write that down, 'cause her profile points you to a different place.) As the first host of the month, TMK also got to pick the theme, which had me stumped for a while. "The Good Earth" can mean practically anything after all. Finally I settled on this shot of Carrot Island, one of the barrier islands protecting the waters of Beaufort Harbor.

I chose Carrot Island for a couple of reasons. First because it's a part of the Rachel Carson Nature Preserve, meaning it's protected land. Second because owing to its protected status, (and probably its relatively small size) nothing exists on the island that isn't naturally occurring and the only permanent residents there are the varied species of animals indigenous to it. Camping -- even primitive camping, which is allowed on some of the other islands by permit -- is prohibited on Carrot Island. If you're not a member of a naturally occurring native species, you're only allowed to visit for the day, then you get back on the boat that brung ya. This may be among the best kept examples of "Good Earth" remaining in this country because humans simply haven't been permitted to get their hands on it. Do me a favor. If you visit there, leave nothing behind but your footprints, okay?Violence Unsilenced
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Shadow said...

i'll respect your wishes with pleasure.

oh, and by the way, you can re-write the past... if you learn from yesterday in the today, tomorrow your yesterday will have been re-written...

kathleen dale said...

I first have to saw I love this quote by Shadow above. I'm writing that down. It is great!

Wonderful picture Mojo. I live near a rural area, and every time they start to touch the land for another subdivision I want to cry. This is exactly what I had in mind with that theme.

SandyCarlson said...

What's not to love about North Carolina? That's a great shot of some dymanic real estate.

Sheila @ Dr said...

So pretty and peaceful. I could see myself sitting there with coffee and toast in the am and then later with some wine and cheese!