Wednesday, June 03, 2009

The Doors #15: "A Doors Two-fer"

"Christ Church Episcopal"
Raleigh, NC - May 2009 (Click to embiggen)

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I have to confess, I know nothing more about this church than its name and the fact that it has a very sturdy, very imposing door. Which is behind a rather forbidding looking iron gate. Which is how this came to be called a "two-fer".

However, when this post first published (accidentally, and on the wrong day) I misidentified it as Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, which is only a few blocks away and very(!) similar in style. My neighbor and blog pal saw the shot and the caption and questioned whether or not that might be Christ Church -- the oldest Episcopal church in Raleigh, and one where her dad was the rector for 30 years. Since I knew for sure that I had shot Christ Church on the evening in question, and since she had such an intimate history with that church, I decided a bit of sleuthing was in order.

And as it turns out, it was "order" that was exactly what led me to discover that Ms. Carver was quite correct. By examining the shots following the ones of this door, and remembering the route I had traveled, I determined that it would be impossible for this to be Good Shepherd, because I hadn't reached Good Shepherd yet. Not that anyone out in the rest of the world would know the difference, but it's important to be accurate about these things as much as possible. So a shout out to , without whom I would have been giving you bad information. Do stop by and say thanks won't you?Violence UnSilenced

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Carver said...

I thought that was Christ Church looking at the picture. Good Shepard and Christ Church (both episcopalian churches) are very similar although Christ Church is older (the first Episcopal Church in Raleigh). Since my Dad was the Rector of Christ Church for over 30 years I know a fair amount about that one.

Daryl said...

Carver not only has an eagle eye for discerning which church is which, she also has an amazing photographer's eye .. her photos are just wonderful

And this is a nice shot regardless of which building it is!

Robyn Jones said...

It is a beautiful picture either way....great shot!

Shadow said...

it looks like a church looks in my minde.