Thursday, July 23, 2009

55 Flash (Semi-)Fiction #53: "What I Did On My Summer Vacation"

"She needed the break, so did I. So I gave her the week off. Besides, I have to finish packing."
"Packing to go where?"

About halfway between here and here

"Whaddya mean 'what??'"
"I'm just surprised is all."
"Why's that?"
"You don't surf."
Suddenly, I realized… she was right. Oh well. Too late now.

M6Friday: 55FlashFiction Graciously hosted by G-Man.
Ya'll have yourselves a great weekend. I'm takin' my tired old ass to the beach for a few days and catch some rays, and some killin' new beach photos.
Peace, yo!
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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the BEACH !!!

Hope you have the best time. Can't wait to see some pics!

ciara said...

totally get that you needed to give her a break :) we're going on vacay soon. not to beach & st. louis. woot! nice 55, mojo :)i'm up as well.

Mona said...

okay, my vacation is all about over and yours starts now.

vacation must be a relay thing...

Have a good time, even if you can't surf! :)

Fandango said...

What looks like a bird flying over the beach will be one of us dragons checking up on you.

We have posted


G-Man said...

Hang-Ten Moon Doggie!!!
Shoot that Bitchin Curl!!!
Excellent 55...
Thanks for your fine contribution, and have a Kick-Ass Week-End..G

Dr.John said...

I really do understand your need for a break.
Good use of the 55

Mine is posted

Jadey said...

Great 55. TGIF. I love the beach and there is not time like the present to learn how to surf enjoy. My 55 is up.

Pouty Lips said...

I love this lighthearted 55. Have a great trip.

lisaschaos said...

Hope you're having a blast at the beach - even if you don't surf. ;)

Eaton Bennett said... 55! Hope you had or are having the best time at the beach. :)