Friday, October 09, 2009

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Alpha Chi Omega and the Jessie Bliss McGrew Freedom Fund

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One of the things I love most about SiteMeter is that it tells me how people arrive in my humble corner of Blogaritaville. And this morning I noticed that somebody had gotten here searching for YouTube Videos about domestic violence. In following their search string, I ran across this video. The story told here is painfully similar to those told every week on . But in this case, by watching and listening to the story, you can actually directly benefit survivors of domestic violence. For every person who views the video $1 will be donated to the Jessie Bliss McGrew Freedom Fund within the Alpha Chi Omega Foundation. (For more information on Alpha Chi Omega and the Jessie Bliss McGrew Freedom Fund, visit .Funds up to $22,000 have been pledged by sponsors based on viewership, so it will only cost you four minutes of your time. Four minutes that could make all the difference for someone who desperately needs it. Someone like the latest contributing author on who found out just how difficult leaving can be -- even if you can leave safely.
I also encourage you to view this by the foundation from the campaign of (I believe) 2005. Whether or not the pledged funds from that campaign are still available, there is still good information in the presentation that could help you help someone else.

If you're looking for other ways to help, read this article: Carrie's answer to that question has a list of great suggestions, but I'd like to add a couple of things for anyone who has a blog, a website, an account on FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter or some other social network. And it won't cost you a nickel to do any of them.

  • Publish a link to VU on your page/blog:
  • Link to, or better yet, embed the promotional YouTube video:
  • Visit and comment on as many of the survivor stories on VU as possible (new stories are published weekly on Monday and Thursday). Give those courageous enough to speak out the validation and support they deserve. Because for every story that's published, there are hundreds that are still ongoing. And someone somewhere is reading her (or his) life story in the words of another.
And if you need any assistance figuring out how to do any of these, feel free to contact me. (My function with VU is mainly tech support, so if you contact Maggie with a tech question she's gonna send you to me anyway.)

Refuse to Not See.

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Pagan Sphinx said...

I did this quidkly, as I'm getting ready to fly out the door to meet friends for dinner. Thanks for keeping on with this issue.

indicaspecies said...

I watched 3:57, and am glad it makes a difference to someone somewhere!

kenju said...

I watched it at Pagan's Sphinx's site. It's good of you to post it, Mojo. A very important cause.

Anonymous said...

I am the mother of a spousal rape and abuse victim. She too has a video. Her story was on the front page of the Chicago Tribune. I write for another blog called "Time's Up" This is my first post:

Mother's and Daughter's of Abuse

Nicolasa said...

thanks for this information, I will be posting a link to your blog so others can see this.

Anonymous said...

Thanks MoJo posted this on my FB too.

Hannah said...

Thank you for posting the video, and I have passed this along to others. I hope they still get the donation.

I'm also help moderate a domestic violence forum, and anyone should know of someone that needs people to speak with please pass it along.