Saturday, November 21, 2009

Zen and the Art of Birthdays

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Today's special and ya wanna know why? Okay, so you probably guessed already. (I suppose the giant cake was a pretty good clue.) Today is the anniversary of one of modern history's most special events. One of my favorite people (in the world) has completed another lap around the sun. (No, I don't know which one. If it matters, you can ask her yourself.) For those not familiar with her work, Mama Zen (MZ to her friends) is anything but the "typical mommy blogger". Most days has me chuckling to myself with some amusing anecdote (often involving young Baby Puppy, her preciously precocious first-grader, but occasionally with a sly double entendre like that would be worthy of... well, me). Sometimes she's offering up reviews of books or games that those of you with young children will value. Sometimes she's crafting some of the finest 55 Flash Fictions you'll ever read. And once in a while, she makes me ache with something so incredibly poignant it can even tug at a jaded old man like me. But whatever she's doing, trust me... you want to read it. Seriously. (Would I kid you?) So grab a piece of this cake (we've got plenty to spare) and head over to . You'll be glad you did.
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Mama Zen said...

Oh, Mojo! How did you know?

Thank you. You are a total sweetheart!