Thursday, December 31, 2009

55 Flash Fiction Friday #59: The Invitation

Two pairs of grey-green eyes locked. Two pulses quickened. Two pounding hearts pumped a thunderous rush of blood that muted the din of the revelry around them. "Well?" she wondered as the final seconds of the year ticked away, "Does he need an invitation?".

"Happy New Year.", he smiled.

"Shut up and kiss me."

M6Friday: 55FlashFiction Graciously hosted by G-Man.

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SandyCarlson said...

That's my kind of girl!

G-Man said...

Boy oh Boy!!
Love is in the air today!
Excellent 55 Mojo.
I'd like to personally thank you for being such a fine contributor and supporter this past year.
Have a Kick Ass New Year....G

Brian Miller said...

going to be grabbing me a few of those. nice 55. hope you have a great new year!

my 55 is up!

Enchanted Oak said...

Shut up and kiss me.
Cool final line. Tells a whole story in five words. Come visit mine early Friday morning.

Mama Zen said...

Sometimes, a girl has just got to say it!

sarah said...

too cool. made me smile. mines' up. Sarah Hey and Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Perfect for the holiday. Great 55

Susan Anderson said...

I have been there. Great 55! Happy New Year :)