Thursday, December 24, 2009

55 Flash (non) Fiction Friday #58: All Feathers

No matter your thoughts on the subject of suicide, I hope you can take a moment today to remember . It's been a year since we lost her, a year very different from what it would have been. Whether you knew her or not, the lesson she left us with is this: Don't wait. Don't put off telling those you cherish that you cherish them. Do it now, while the sun is high and you have all the time in the world. Tomorrow is not a given. This was Suzanne's legacy, her gift to us. Take it, keep it with you, and today of all days use it. G-Man has put 55 Flash Fiction Friday on hiatus this week, to give the participants time away to spend with their loved ones. This is completely appropriate, even laudable. But given the date and the fact that it was through 55 Flash Fiction Friday that I met Suzanne in the first place, I decided that "official" or not, it was also appropriate to publish this piece on this day. Even if I'm the only one playing.
I miss you sweet lady.
We all do.
So here's 55 words.
Just for you.
We'd used lots of words to describe her: Beautiful. Talented. Warm. Funny.
We never knew the other words: Troubled. Tormented. Agonized. Tortured.
We never guessed.
Then, among the glowing lights and glitter of the season, she left us .
And when we woke next morning, she was gone.

M6Friday: 55FlashFiction Graciously hosted by G-Man.
For those who came in late: If you're wondering about the background of this story, the links above will give you some of it. The rest of the story you can find linked at Suzanne's own blog by her friends. The autolink was set up by her dear friend (and mine) and is still open to anyone who wants to post a memory -- or memories -- and list it among those found there. My own post -- the first one -- can be found here. Whether you knew her or not, has been made permanent, and will remain open to those who wish to read or sign it. There is no charge and no "registration" required for viewing or signing the guestbook, and it has been a way for those close to her to keep her memory, and for those who didn't know her as well to come to know this wonderful woman who as Shakespeare put it, "loved not wisely, but too well." I invite you all, friends and strangers alike to celebrate the life that while brief, was a source of great joy to all. Rest well Suzanne. And know you are remembered, and loved.

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Susan Anderson said...

This is a powerful piece of writing. I am inspired to write but I hesitate because I did not know her. If you look back at some of my previous 55's I think you'll see that I have touched on the idea of not putting off for tomorrow what you could do today. I think my piece A Full Feast dealt with that idea. Thank you for posting this. She lives on through your words and memory.

Susan Anderson said...
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Susan Anderson said...

OK, I really struggled with it and wrote at least six different stories before the idea of a light flickering out just as the next day begins inspired me. I'm up. Thanks for sharing this story.

BTW...G-Man has a spot to link up to now.

Amias said...

You have made this old one cry, but not tears of sadness Mojo, tears of understanding that loves lives past the darkness ... and now my Christmas will be so much better in knowing you, and others who understand that memories need not make us cry all the time, for there are times when they bring us such joy, as this dear lady did.

Happy holidays to you dear friend, and to your readers too ... may the new year bring you all the joy your heart can hold.


G-Man said...

Liquid was a sweet human being. It's such a mystery how someone with so much love and compassion and a zest for life, could find it necessary to end it all so quickly!

Thanks Mojo, now go hug your family!

Brian Miller said...

a touching 55 mojo...tough time of year with memories like that, though a fitting tribute...hope you and yours have a great holiday!