Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Janamdin ki Badhai Susie Ji!

"Sorry, no party tricks with this image"

She's an artist, she's a trailblazer, she's a bigger Indophile than even I am, she's to her friends. And according to G-Man, her heir apparent to the 55 Flash Fiction Throne, she's one of the Enlightened, chosen by The Illuminati themselves to wield the power of the 55. Here you see her as you've never -- okay, seldom -- seen her before, in her alternate identity, an avatar of Lakhshmi, Goddess of Wealth. Did you ever wonder WTF a "yurt" is? Susie can tell you. Want to know the meaning of the word "lentiginous"? Susie can tell you. In addition to being a regular HNT hottie, she's also a veritable font of useless fascinating information and I seldom visit her blog that I don't learn something... or at least smile (or leer). And today this wonderful woman I'm so far behind catching up with completes another orbit around the sun. Seems like just last year I was saying this same thing -- only a couple of days late because I didn't know when her birthday was. But not this year! Now it's on my calendar so I now don't forget once my email reminder comes because she's just that much of a rock star. So happy birthday, janamdin ki badhai, many happy returns and -- as they always say in Bollywood -- "All the best". (Oh, and mujhe maaf karo, yaar I had to nick one of your photos for this grand, impressive humble rendering of Your Worship.)
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magiceye said...

wah! bahut khoob!!
superb rendition!!

S said...

Blush, giggle, blush, giggle!
Ok I love that chop, I never thought pink, blue, and gold were my colors!

I am truly honoured and now I must do the costume well and make some bharat natyam footsteps!

Thank you thank you, Mojoji!

Daryl said...

Janmadin ki Badhai Susie Ji!

g-man said...

Yes...She is The Boss AND The Barefoot Mistress AND a year older!
But like a fine Cabernet, she is definately BETTER!
Happy Birthday to My 55 Mentor!!

SandyCarlson said...

I like that very, very much.

S said...

"Sorry, no party tricks with this image"

I can't thank you enough for leaving out the click through! This is my 49th birthday, afterall!