Friday, January 15, 2010

Diamonds in the Rockpile - Class of 2009: Shooting My Universe

Piloted by photographer Steve Borichevsky and his wife Becky, SMU is a collection of some of the most striking outdoor and nature photography you will find anywhere along with the occasional tip for aspiring outdoor/nature photographers. Set mainly along the rocky coast of Cape Ann, MA (somewhere near Gloucester from what I can deduce). Birds and wildlife are a mainstay for Steve, and besides his magnificent photographs, he's also extraordinarily knowledgeable about the creatures themselves and always has some interesting bit of information for those of us... less knowledgeable (like me). And to get these images, Steve has to be nearly as hardy as his subjects. It's hard not to admire someone who will go out at dawn on a freezing morning to bring back images of Purple Sandpipers.

But it's not all birds here. Far from it.

Other nautical scenes abound too including a series of a coast Guard 47-foot motor lifeboat (did I get that right?) and a number of lighthouse photos that will take your breath away. And do you ever tire of sunrise -- or sunset -- over the vastness of the ocean? I don't. And apparently neither does Steve.

Being a relatively new follower, I don't know a lot more than what I've already told you, but that's not a fraction of what you'll see on SMU. So go see! The Universe according to Steve is a pretty spectacular place.

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Daryl said...

Their blog is fabulous!

SandyCarlson said...

I so admire your judgment. Your distilling (mining) of the really good stuff is very helpful. So many blogs, so little time. I think the good blogs are those that genuinely seek the connection outside the individual universe of the blogger with the universes of other bloggers. There is the awareness that we are somehow together here. That sensibility seems to unite these blogs.