Friday, March 26, 2010

reflections: past, present, future

This is a new experience for me. Every other time I've been in this place, I was a participant. Okay, as much of a participant as a father can be. You know what I mean. This time I'm not even really a spectator. Just sitting in this waiting room... waiting. Which anyone who knows me can tell you is something I'm way not good at. But an interesting thought just occurred to me. This new grandson will represent the third generation of my family born in this place. It's changed a lot -- and even moved -- in the last 50 years. When I was born it was over on the corner of Wade Ave and St. Mary's St. (heh, like you'd know where that is) The unemployment office is in that building now. When my sons were born they hadn't built this birthing center yet. We came in through the ER and went to the typical L&D setup. I don't know so much about this "Family Birthing Center" they have now. Not sure what makes it different unless they've just got more and different ways of doing -- or facilitating -- what they do. Wasn't an option when mine came along. Things have certainly changed a lot since then. But the waiting? Still the same.

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kenju said...

I certainly DO remember the old hospital on Wade; my son had his adenoids out there and when my daughter get pneumonia, that's where I took her to be xrayed and meet her pediatrician.

The new birthing center saw the entrances of four of my grandchildren, and it's a good one - but you are right - the waiting rooms never change. Decades old magazines and if there is a TV, it's never on the channel you'd like.

Anonymous said...


It will all be over, soon, and starting anew, all at once.

Congratulations, GrandPapaRazzi! :)