Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sweetsauer Photo Hunt #1

Twenty-six shots of ... random stuff assigned by (wait for it) Kristi.
Check out the other players and vote here. (There'll be a poll there somewhere, I just don't know where yet... I'd bribe you to take a moment and vote for me, but I'm a state employee... which means I can't afford to bribe anybody. Especially now that the Governor and the General Assembly have decided they pay us too much and they want some of that money back.)

Click to embiggen any of the thumbnails. All images open in a new window or tab.

1. Cool or Interesting Architecture
Dorton Arena: Completed 1952 and uses no internal bracing. The entire structure is supported by the roof. I call that way cool.

2. A Sign of Spring (Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere)
Dogwoods are a sure sign of spring around here. They're also the state flower.

3. Something Musical
Organ Hall UNC-Greensboro School of Music. Taken at my son's recital.

4. Something Sweet
The new "Premium" M&M's -- Mocha flavor specifically

5. Something Metallic
Part of my Halloween costume last fall. No prizes for guessing what I went as.

6. A Landscape
View from the summit of Mt. Mitchell, highest point in North America east of the Mississippi River. Hard to get more landscapey than that

7. An Interesting Doorway
I don't know what's behind the door, I just know it's part of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA.

8. A Reflection
Side mirror on a 1960 Chevy Impala

9. A Cemetery
Oakwood Cemetery, one of Raleigh's oldest graveyards

10. A Pair of Shoes
It's not like I own a lot of shoes. These are the best hiking boots I've ever owned though. Insulated and waterproof but breatheable and just stupid comfortable. YMMV.

11. A Body of Water
Is the Atlantic Ocean a big enough body for ya?

12. A Drink
So why do they call it "Frappuccino" anyway?

13. A Mosaic or Mural
Mural on the wall at Jimmy John's, a restaurant in Greensboro near UNC-G.

14. Rain
Rain coming off the awning at my office.

15. Classic Car (1970 or Older)
1966 Pontiac GTO - they don't get any more classic than this.

16. A Work of Art
Sixteen tons of sand became this sculpture promoting "Bug Fest" at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences

17. A Church
Church of the Good Shepherd Episcopal on Hillsborough Street a block from the state capitol building

18. A Statue
Sauratown Woman, outside the NC Museum of History

19. An Interesting Sky
I call it "Hole in the Sky"

20. Something In Motion
Traffic at Night in Rochester, NY

21. Lights At Night
View from the Boylan Ave Bridge in Raleigh

22. A Silhouette
Trees on a ridgeline in the Blue Ridge Mountains

23. Something Historical (pre-1900)
Hammock House, Beaufort, NC built c.1709 rumored to be haunted by one of Blackbeard's wives

24. A Shot From An Unusual Perspective
One more time: Organ Hall UNC-Greensboro School of Music

25. Flowers
Hibiscus in my front yard

26. Self-Portrait
My hand stamp at India Fest 2009 at Dorton Arena (What, you were expecting my butt maybe? Be careful what you wish for.)

Violence Unsilenced
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Sherrie said...

Hi Mojo,
Great photos! I really like your lights at night, that's awesome. And Your self portrait is great! Have a great day!!


Kristi @ Mi Vida Ocupada said...

The organ shots are way cool! I also love the one from Mt Mitchell. We are currently studying the Appalachian Mtns with my 5-6th grade geography class- we talked about Mt Mitchell this morning!

Jan said...

This was a fun challenge. I like all the photos you've chosen. Your self portrait is funny, I glad there's no butt.

Daryl said...

Bravo! Love the Rochester traffic at nite

Leora said...

Enjoyed your commentary, because now I have a hint of what you do besides posting great photos (govt). I can understand not wanting the govt to take money away from you! (I don't want 'em to tax me more, but two of my clients are paid by the govt, so indirectly I pay myself?).

Rochester and hibiscus photos really pop up. Historical home is precious, too.

Jennifer said...

Very nice photos -- I am having so much fun seeing others' interpretations of the photo prompts. :)

Ang said...

love the 'hole in the sky'... great shots!

Anonymous said...

Nice photos!

Jutta said...

Beautiful photos! #25 is my favorite :)

Jientje said...

Well dione!! This was fun, wasn't it? Dogwood is my favourite, and I like your nightshots! Good luck!

kayerj said...

your night shots are terrific, i also love the sand sculpture

Unknown said...

you have so many great ones here! I love them all! I am utterly enamored with your work of art!

Samara Link said...

Great job! Seriously. I love what you captured for the reflection and sculpture categories. Your something in motion is my absolute favorite though!

Always Faith said...

awesome shots! I'm a fellow NC getting ready to travel to Rochester NY to visit my gram, I thought that was kinda coincidental...LOL. And I laughed at your self portrait and comment...=)

Dana said...

Great job! I love the lights at night.

Lil Bit said...

Yeah yeah, I'm late to this, as usual ... but really cool scavenger hunt (and a great idea too, btw)

That is one big ass organ!

Reeeeeeally cool statue (#18).

Nice self-portrait. lol ;)