Monday, November 24, 2008

Monochrome Monday #8: Northern Family

"Northern Family Motel"
Potsdam, NY - July 2006 (Click to embiggen)

Yes there's a story behind this photo, but unless you're me or my son or especially care about lodging options in Potsdam, NY it's probably not a very interesting story.
This is Potsdam's Northern Family Motel, one of a handful of family run lodging establishments in town. It's clean, inexpensive and they have some pretty neat stuff on the lawn. This shot was taken on the last day of our trip for freshman orientation at SUNY-Potsdam.
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~Just Me Miranda~ said...

I like this, it's a very nice shot.

Anonymous said...

I hesitate to say it, but this wouldn't look bad in sepia... and I don't really like sepia. The subject suggests something older, thus, for me, sepia would be acceptable.

Jane Hards Photography said...

I like Aileni's thoughts. It does look like a really aged image and certainly feels like a stroy behind it.

Julie said...

I like the old wagon, they look great in black and white.

EG CameraGirl said...

Good capture, but I do wonder what the photo looks like in colour. ;-)

Thank you for your tips about sepia last Thursday. It got me playing around with it a bit more!

Cindy said...

Black and white works well with it but I wonder how it would look in sepia too. That wagon looks like back in sepia times...
I'm playing twice this week.
Hope you can stop by
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magiceye said...

.....neat....... and nostalgic!

S said...

That's a really cool shot.

You are right, that song was suggestive enough without the lyrics I thought I heard. Hee hee.

Have a lovely Monday.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Nice capture. I like the black and white. Since everyone's talking sepia tones, I can see that in this image too if you're looking for a really aged look. I think either works. :-)

- Eyes, Mind Heart

Lil Bit said...

Hey, don't underestimate your readers... we like stories, too! =)

cool shot... takes me back in time to a time I never lived.

Catherine said...

So, next Monday, Mojo, please, post colored, B&w, and Sepia version, just to satisfy every Maniacs ; )
Have you met Charles Ingalls in the surroundings?

Mona said...

That looks like a wagon from Victorian Era!

Reminds me of the old B& W movies !

Daryl said...

Looks as if its in Amish Country .. not Upstate NY ..

Good shot!