Thursday, November 13, 2008

Shutterday #1: Theme 90 - "Painted"

"Henna Painted Hands"
Cary, NC - November 2008 (Click to embiggen)
Next week's theme: Abandoned

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This just in. Mojo's found a new Photo Challenge.
Okay, save your mock surprise and sarcasm... it's not amusing. Seriously, there's one I just discovered called "Shutterday" and it's one of those with a different theme each week. Submissions are limited to one shot per week, and the following week all the participants vote on their favorites for the week before. Get it? So you could get famous and stuff.
This week's theme is "Painted" and you still have a couple of days before the deadline for submissions. Then go back and vote for your favorite "Painted" submissions next week.
So what are you waiting for? Get on over to Homer's and try your luck.
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The Bumbles said...

Oooo - I like the sound of this photo challenge. Maybe I'll try my hand.

Daryl said...

Henna .. its better on hair than hands...

and I need to explain .. I did this backwards .. I told you in the bottom comment section that I was going to give you immediate reaction/comments to these MANY posts but dumb me went from bottom to top .. and I assume you will read them top to bottom


nukke said...

Looks interesting!

have a look at my English/Finnish blog

you should have thisalternative to write your name and then web blog address here !!!!!