Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thursday Challenge #7: "Path"

"Cone Estate Riding Trail"
Blowing Rock, NC - February 2001 (Click to embiggen)
Next Week's Challenge: "Night"

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Robert V. Sobczak said...

That looks like a fun place to ride a bike. The stone work on arch grabs my eye.

Leora said...

This reminds me of a scene from the Wizard of Oz, where the winds begin to blow and Dorothy is by a bridge with the Wizard and Toto, still in Kansas so still in black and white.

The Muse said...

before i enter...i am a mere mortal...

Lil Bit said...

W o w.


This pic is incredibly close to a scene I have dreamt about before. A dream that was almost like a past life recall.
Civil War battle.
I'm a soldier.
I come out from underneath a bridge (very similar to that one) -- and get shot right in the gut.

Wow. I had forgotten about that dream.

Anonymous said...

Very Purdy, I like this in B&W,do you have it in color originally? It would be interesting to see it.