Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nicole B's Scavenger Hunt II (The Sequel)

Nicole had so much fun with her first scavenger hunt she decided to do another one. And you know I couldn't pass on the opportunity.
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1. A Souvenir
Tiki idol from Coco Joe's in Hawaii, carved from lava rock. I had a whole collection of them at one time, but this one is the sole survivor I think.

2. A Fish
Taken at the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. Not sure what species it is, but it's not very big.

3. A Religious Building
Technically not a "building", but certainly a place where religious observances are... observed. You probably wouldn't see it if you weren't looking for it (possibly even if you were looking for it) and no, I'm not going to say where it is. (Because there's no way to know what small-minded people might read this.) It's not "owned" by any of them, but at least three earth-based religious groups use this as a meeting place. And don't they deserve representation as well as anyone?

4. A Fire Department
If my house caught fire, this is the station that would respond. At least I hope it would be since it's the closest one.

5. A Manhole Cover
Yeah, and you should've seen the looks I got while taking this shot. At least there's no shortage of them.

6. A Postcard
I'm pretty sure my brother and his wife sent this one from their honeymoon in Toronto.

7. Water
Surf on the Rocks. The house brand is just fine with me.

8. A Communication Device
Satellite array at WRAL TV

9. A Life Event
One of the only two weddings I've ever shot. And if I don't shoot any more I'll be okay with that.

10. A Foreign Stamp
I was really scrambling to find this one. Decided that Canada was foreign enough for me.

11. A Tree
This tree survived a couple of hurricanes and who knows what else. It must be over 200 years old. It's up the road from my house at the home of one of our former mayors.

12. The Living Space of a Non-Human
I finally found out what olives in this hole. Chipmunks. Beats some of the things that could be down there for sure.

13. A Street Mirror
We don't have a lot of street mirrors here. I guess nobody's seen the need. This was the only one I could think of in fact.

14. A Decoration Fixed on a House
I almost used this as my "Foreign Flag" entry, but I already had one of those.

15. A Foreign Flag
And this was it. The Union Jack flies over the "Antique British Car Show" at North Hills Mall 5.16.2009. But I have to question the "antiquity" of some of the cars on display.

16. A Fire
No photo can do justice to this cozy bonfire at Tiff'oween '08. But people kept throwing stuff on it that made ashes float everywhere and they wound up in everything.

17. An Antenna
Transmission tower at WRAL TV. At least I'm assuming that's what it is. It's got a bunch of bling on it that I can't identify, but their "Dual Doppler 5000 Weather Radar" is outside of town, so I'm pretty sure this has nothing to do with that.

18. A Phone Booth
After running all over the place trying to find a phone booth (they're getting rarer by the day I swear!) I found this one at the grocery store half a mile from my house. Figures.

19. A "Verboten" Sign
And right over the phone booth is this proclamation of verboten-isms.

20. A Beach
Beaches are something we have in abundance here, and this one is one of my favorites. The rip tide where the inlet meets the ocean makes it too dangerous to swim here, but if you get lucky you can see the dolphins at play.

21. A Cityscape
The view of Raleigh everybody shoots... southern approach on S. Saunders St.

22. Something Goofy
Some of my neighbors have a phenomenal sense of humor. This is an archive shot from last Halloween. But I couldn't resist...

23. Something Carved
Georgia O'Keefe got nothin' on me!

24. An Eye
It is too an eye!

25. Something Rural
It doesn't get a lot more rural than this. Trust me on this one. (Read: "If you hear a banjo, be afraid.")

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NicoleB said...

What a gorgeous collection!
My Fav is probably your interpretation of an eye :D!

mythopolis said...

My fav is the religious 'institution'...I like the whole idea of the two replaced boards and what appears to be just right of the sign a place where the sign used to be......

Ria said...

hah! it's not just me with the street mirror shortage! my most difficult one was the phone booth, believe it or not...i had to improvise!!! hehehe. hope you can drop by here

Ria said...

PS i did not think of that eye! great one!

Robin said...

What great choices - I especially loved the clarity of the fish shot, the grittiness and composition of the manhole cover, and the really tactile feeling of that rural shack.

Terrific stuff my friend.

Melli said...

Your manhole cover is waaaaay better than mine! I loved your EYE - I was wondering if anyone would do that! And I can see why everyone shoots your cityscape! Your version in the dark is stunning! This was a great collection!

Bengbeng said...

love no 1 the most. great selection for the hunt :) well done

Pouty Lips said...

I don't think I've ever seen a street mirror in Phoenix. I've seen one in a parking garage but that probably wouldn't count.

postcardsfromwildwood said...

Great selection! I like the depth of field on your fish (v. compact little fish!). I was thinking of something similar to your religious 'building' myself - nature. Your manhole cover is just the glamorous sort I was fearing people would come up with! Your Union Jack is of course one of my favourites (I'm British) and your fire shot is lovely. Great eye - of course it's an eye!

Jen said...

I love your photos!
you are so creative with your eye photo!

(my challenge isn't completed, but maybe will publish what I have)

Scriber's Web said...

Lovely photos! My fav. was the water and the fish! Gorgeous! I also liked your interpretation of the eye. Very creative!

Faith said...

LOVE your shots. We must live around the same area because I had the same trouble shots. You did a great job finding them though, and I got strange looks on the manhole shot, too..HAHA!

sakaigirl said...

wow, u really have a good camera! love your pics! especially the eye^^

Ballerina Girl said...

Nice the "eye" of the needle!


Kelly said...

Your photos are beautiful. I love the "eye" shot. I thought about trying it, but didn't.

Ang said...

I always love looking at your photos, you have such a great perspective! Love the eye shot... and the manhole cover!

mythopolis said...

Back for a 2nd look at everyone's cool shots! This time I was caught by religious place, manhole cover, fire, antenna, and rural! As per phone booth and verboten sign above it, I suppose its not advisable to do such things in a phone booth! Also, something carved reminds me also of another 'eye'.