Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Doors #18: "Quantum Tunnel"

"Public Library"
Greensboro, NC - May 2009 (Click to embiggen)

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When I travel, I normally keep the camera handy on the seat beside me. I've found that if I don't I miss a lot of good opportunities that come up at traffic lights, or stop signs or just along the way. And occasionally I find that the only way to capture a particular shot is on the move. This was one such shot. I was on my way to meet a friend for dinner in Greensboro and spotted this uniquely designed doorway on a building (which turned out to be the public library) just ahead.

I was only going to get one crack at this, unless I wanted to circle the block (which I didn't since I was already cutting it close on time as it was) and there was going to be no time to muddle with metering or settings, this was a drive-by shooting all the way.

The first problem facing me was that the building was on the passenger side of the truck and the passenger window was closed. Which accounts for why the door is no better centered than it is in the frame. So yes, I will have to confess I was holding the window switch with my left hand and dialing the camera to it's auto-exposure setting with the other. The window finished its traverse just in time for me to squeeze off one shot -- more or less a no-look (though not entirely) -- and drive on. I examined the take at the next traffic light, decided I could live with it and made it to dinner with time to spare. The door photo came off almost perfectly and the chicken biryani was marvelous!Violence UnSilenced

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Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Interesting doorway.

Carleen said...

Another amazing shot!

Happy WW to ya. :)

Shadow said...

stunt driving? just kidding... way weird door.

Daryl said...

I love 'almost blind shots' that work, often times better than if you'd had time to pull over, get out and take the shot. Well done!

Janie said...

That's a unique doorway, and an interesting description of your adventure in photography in taking the shot!

david mcmahon said...

Wonderful door - and what a great story!