Friday, June 19, 2009

Scheduled Posting Out Again

A couple of months ago Blogger went through a couple of days where the auto-scheduling feature decided to throw a snit and nobody's scheduled posts were publishing on time. Looks like the problem has returned. But it's listed as a "Known Issue", and I'm really hoping they get it fixed soon. Meanwhile if you're a Blogger User that relies on scheduled posting (like me!) you'll want to keep an eye on your posts for a few days until they get this sorted out. The issue report says "Scheduled posting is unreliable for some users". Well guys, for this user, it's perfectly reliable... it just doesn't work at all.
Just thought you oughta know.
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Robin said...

Thanks for the heads up - I've got my Summer Stock post set to autopost at 12:01 tonight, I'll have to check it, or else just post early if I get the urge to hit the sack at a reasonable hour for a change.

Anonymous said...

Another great reason to switch to Wordpress, Mojo. Those issues just don't seem to come up. Making the change isn't all that difficult, just takes picking out a theme, doing some background work, and pulling the trigger. :0)