Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Two4Tuesday #17: "Fast/Slow"

"Fast Strobe, Slow Shutter"
Raleigh, NC - June 2009 (Click to embiggen)
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dianne - bunny trails said...

That's such a cool shot! I love when they come out like that. :D

magiceye said...

that is a superb shot!

not seen you around on my blog for a long time! miss your visits and comments! do drop by!

Klaatu said...

Hi Mojo. Good points over on Carmi's blog. I knew about the countries connection to the Nazi regime, but was unaware of the connection to the people involved. Thanks for informing me in a reasonable intelligent tone that seems to be so sorely lacking on the net( and society unfortunately)
I still wonder how many of the societies in trouble today would have fared without the meddling of superpowers.
take care.
P.S. I have posted an entry on religion over at my blog-

Bridget said...

That is way cool! Happy WW!

Lori said...

Great at action shot...Happy WW:)

2sweetnsaxy said...

Wow. What an interesting and amazing shot. They're like skating ghosts.

Joanne MV said...

Nice shot Mojo!

I was thinking that the roller blades used are the single file. Never thought that they still have the "old style" roller blades :)

Red Lotus Mama said...

What a trippy looking photo!

Happy WW! Check out some different perspectives of things I saw when I was in Manhattan: http://tinyurl.com/kukr72

Robin said...

So cool. They look like ghosts :). Great catch Mojo.

Shadow said...

wow, good shot!