Monday, July 13, 2009

Blue Monday #42: "Birds In The Back Yard V"

"Master of All He Surveys"
Raleigh, NC - February 2009 (Click to embiggen)

This looks like another one of those Not-Purple Guys. Or maybe it's the same one as I had a few weeks ago. But I liked the light and the angle in this shot as he had his back to the fading sun.Violence Unsilenced
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annalarssonphotography said...

Lovley bird!
Free bird and I hear him sing too :)

And the title again.. 'Master of All He Surveys'

Biggest hug!

Unknown said...

I love cedar waxwings! I think I love their little mask the most!

SandyCarlson said...

He does look like lord of the manor--and then some.

magiceye said...

super shot!

SmilingSally said...

It was nice of him to pose for you. Happy Blue Monday.

Mary Bergfeld said...

What a beautiful image. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Tra La La Boom De Ay said...

What a great shot you captured. Love it. Happy Blue Monday!

Anonymous said...

Mojo this is a pretty shot, it would be great for another photo theme (I know just what you need right) cant remember who is doing it but this week their subject is shadows.

Terry said...

Happy Belated Monday to you.
I had a family day yesterday so I am just now visiting.
Great photo .
That is one well trained bird :)
It is so much fun to photograph nature.
Thank you for sharing ths fabulous photo with us.
Have a fantastic rest of the week.
Happy Trails