Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thematic Photographic 68: "Temporary" v.7.0 - Temporary Guest Host

"What'd you expect?"
Raleigh, NC - August 2008 (Click to embiggen)

Thematic Photographic hosted by Carmi - Button Image by Smarmoofus (Normally) Hosted by Written Inc.

Note: Please take a moment to stop by the Written, Inc. and visit . And pay your respects to TP's creator, Carmi, on the sudden loss of his father. Best thoughts for you and your family Carmi.

If you've been around this part the blogosphere at all in the last week, you've heard the news. Thematic's creator lost his father suddenly and clearly has more important things on his mind than hosting a photo meme. But in the interest of maintaining (or reclaiming) some kind of normalcy, the show will go on with yours truly attempting to fill in as guest host -- temporarily.

This presented an interesting circumstance though. Just before the ceiling caved in on him, Carmi had announced that the theme for the week would be "Temporary". And some of you may have actually played the theme on schedule (like I did). A good many most likely didn't though, since there was no post to link it to. So what's a guy to do?

The best answer I could come up with was to run a new theme for Thematic 69 for those who played Thematic 68 last week, and simply let folks post submissions for both themes.

So what theme would be appropriate for such a time? I considered several, and ultimately decided that a natural segue from last week would be:


Carmi and his family are in the middle of one of the biggest transitions we as a species go through: the loss of someone dear to us. And in the coming weeks -- probably months, possibly even years -- they'll begin to do certain things differently. Things that granddad used to do at family gatherings will now be taken over by others. In many cases the changes will be subtle, and someone may gravitate naturally to fill the gap left by that absence. Other changes will be completely jarring, because nobody will be able to conceive of anyone but granddad performing this ritual. Some they'll see coming. Others will catch them completely flat footed. All of them will spark memories, and probably tears as they figure out how to adjust and bridge the gap between what was and what is.

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Robin said...

Beautifully said Mojo, and a very fitting theme. You'll carry the mantle well until Carmi is ready to return.

lisaschaos said...

Oh my! You've lost your head! All joking aside I'm sorry to hear of Carmi's loss. :(

Pagan Sphinx said...

This is all a bit cosmic. I just began creating a post for another meme that fits this theme perfectly. I think I will link to this as well.

Thanks for guest-hosting. I love this meme and the Written blog a lot.