Wednesday, March 24, 2010

faithless day

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What light through yonder window breaks?
What’s the story there?
Who is so busy that Day grew tired of waiting
And left him to his work?
Did the Day storm out
Slamming the door in anger?
Or did She slip away quietly
While his back was turned
For some assignation with the dusk?
Does he realize, even
That She has left him here
Alone in his garret?
Ticking another day off the list
Filling another night with
The empty promise of Better Things
If he can only get
This One Last Thing
And put out the light
Go home to his empty bed
And wait for faithless Day to return
With the dawn.

About this piece: Out photo hunting with Tonka one evening I saw this light on in the post office on Fayetteville Street and wondered what was going on there so late. Had the light been in a ground floor window I would have assumed that it was just the mail handlers sorting and preparing deliveries. But an upper story office isn't normally home to this sort of operation, so the light sent me down a path of wondering, "Whats' gong on up there?". And here we are.

About the photo: The Century Post Office on Fayetteville Street in Raleigh, NC Taken in November of 2009

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Anonymous said...

Just dropping by to introduce myself. Looking forward to following your blog. Have a good one!

Anonymous said...

Powerful. The tree in the foreground lends a ghostly quality and takes the stage in front of the window; the effect is tormentingly haunting- as is the verse.

magiceye said...

one of your best!

the poem is awesome too!

lisaschaos said...

You are a night owl. So am I. :) I think maybe someone just forgot to turn the light off before leaving for the night.