Sunday, March 28, 2010

TFE's Poetry Bus

Chris at (there's your Technorati tag, you can thank me later) roped me into convinced me to take a ride on Poetry Bus. Turns out the Bus is currently on tour and being hosted by various and sundry. This week our substitute driver is who set forth a simple, if challenging theme. To wit:
1.Pick a favourite word. It can be a long word or a tiny word, a complicated word or a simple everyday one, a new word or something archaic that keeps trying to fall out of the dictionary. I really don't mind. Any word will do.
2.Write something using that word as your starting point. It can be a poem. But I use the term poem VERY loosely. Loose is most instances.
3.Send me the link to your poem-post on Sunday 28th or Monday 29th March and I will add it to the Ramble Stop post on here. You can email me the link if you like (tidier...innit...send to author [at] crowd-pleasers [dot] net) or put it in the comments box here. I work different hours to our usual host-driver so if you send me something in UK daylight hours I will probably get to it fairly quickly but I don't work late into our night these days so if you send it during our (conventional) bedtime I won't get to it till the next morning. Just so you know. Plus we have family coming to visit on the Tuesday so I won't be doing much here that day either. OK?
I say simple because it isn't as if she looked up some esoteric SAT word to throw out there. I say challenging because it means selecting a single piece of meat from an endless buffet. And in the last couple of days a great many words have rumbled through this dusty attic I call a mind. So picking a particular dust bunny to elevate to prompt status wasn't an easy task. Nevertheless, the word "discovery" seems to have floated to the top of the pond more often than usual, so there we have it.

Watching my son
Discover his son
This new life
This new person
I think of all the
Fathers that came
Before him
Before me
Before even
My father
Introduced himself to me
In a way I imagine to be
Not very different
From what I am watching
Unfold before me
In that moment
When life is new
And you haven't yet
Had the chance
To do anything wrong
Your child, your bond
Your moment
Is perfect
Unblemished by
Or broken curfews
Or missed recitals
Is limitless
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This image and poem -- along with many others -- is featured in my book , available from

(Just so you know: The two column layout isn't a literary device. It simply allows one to read the entire verse without scrolling. Nothing brilliant at work there I'm afraid.)
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Emerging Writer said...

Lovely/ I love unblemished by. Why the layout? Elucidate me.

Enchanted Oak said...

Oh, dear. I am so thrilled by this poem. It is very, very powerful.

Emerging Writer said...

I meant, why is lit laid out in two columns? Is it meant to be read down and also across

kenju said...

A beautiful poem. Please print it and let the little one read it when he is older.

Katherine said...

Hi Mojo! Look at those sweet little jelly bean toes! I love your poem...words flow so easily when they're inspired by such a wonderful, life changing event.

SandyCarlson said...

That baby is beautiful. The photo is full of love and wonder. A nocturnal moment? So intimate, the connection between baby and grandfather. So real and important.

Those moment when we haven't made full of grace. When we lay the groundwork for the love that forgives our mistakes.

Is there a pool for the shoe size of this child when he reaches adulthood? I want in. Those are impressive toes.

Eaton Bennett said...

Brand new skin, wonderful. Bless his little heart!!!! Looking forward to all the angles and ways you can photograph Brayden. Your Son is so young, were we ever that young?

Rachel Fox said...

A lot of simple truth told well. I like that bit about not having done anything wrong yet! Somebody else chose the word 'possible' - did you see?

Niamh B said...

This is absolutely lovely, and so true. I love it.
And yes - intrigueing layout!

the watercats said...

This is fantastic! I read it both ways (down and across) and both are powerful and together, even more fantastic! Stunning stuff!

Peter Goulding said...

It doesn't quite work in parts going across but it would be a major literary project to get it to do so. That it comes close is evidence of your power as a wordsmith.

Anonymous said...

Really nice. Seem like I discover new things all the time about things that have long been around. Thanks for this!

Ishtar said...

I loved your poem, it was beautiful!

Daryl said...

So perfect

Aayushi Mehta said...

Totally lovely photo + poem!

Totalfeckineejit said...

The essence of poetry for me is captured moments and your poem illustrates this perfectly- and beautifully!

Argent said...

I like this portrayal of that special time when parents are perfect in their children's eyes. Very neatly done.

Karen said...

Welcome aboard! This is a great community, and you'll have great fun here. I love the idea of discovery - so many sorts of that - but I'm right with you on this one. My children have new babies and so I get this in every way. Great poem.

NanU said...

Beautiful, beautiful poem, Mojo!
When I saw your word on the itinerary, I thought, hey, I almost picked that very same word. And I started to think where that would have taken me as I clicked my way over. It's fascinating to see a different, and wonderful, destination along the same path.

Daryl said...

Baby toes ... delish

lisaschaos said...

Said so deeply, with feelings that I experience as a mom, watching my daughter bring my grandchildren into the world too. I do love baby toes! Bet you have kissed them, lol.