Sunday, March 21, 2010


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When you think no one cares
That no one understands
When you feel the ache of loneliness
Your heart heavy
And your soul too weary for another step

Someone somewhere feels for you
Aches for you.
Someone somewhere echoes your loneliness
And sits waiting
To offer a hand, a shoulder, a heart to lean on.

When the sun is warm
And the wind is at your back
When the road rises to meet you
And your spirit is soaring
And cannot be brought down by any force

Someone somewhere is smiling
In silent celebration
Someone somewhere echoes your joy
And sits waiting
To encourage, to sustain, to validate.
When you are quiet
And still in contemplation
When your mind
Reaches out to the horizon
And your memories stir

Someone somewhere is hoping
To be found in those thoughts
Someone somewhere thinks of you
And sits waiting
Hoping to be remembered fondly.

Loves You.

About this piece: I don't know the girl standing by herself by the door, but her single-ness stood out (to me) from the rest of the crowd. I suspect she was simply waiting for someone. But the scene made me think of all the people who are alone in the crowd, and what they might feel.

About the photo: Taken at Aycock Auditorium, UNC Greensboro before my son's concert with the UNC-G Symphonic Band February 19. An experimental shot using a slow shutter an panning the scene slightly to create motion blur.

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Aayushi Mehta said...

Such a beautiful poem, I will always carry it in my heart. Many thanks for writing and putting this up!

Jenn Jilks said...

Yes, and remember that you are a beautiful person!
/ My Muskoka

奇怪的 said...
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Marinela Reka said...

Wonderful poem, filled with emotion :)

Daryl said...

LOVE the motion here and the emotion below

magiceye said...


Anil P said...

Wonderful poem. And an apt picture to go along with it.

I've often wondered myself what a person alone in a crowd must think.

Beth P. said...

beautifully done--

Anonymous said...

Beautiful reminder; if I look in the rearview mirror, I see the support team that makes Life possible.

These are words to hold in reserve, like a very fine Scotch, to savor and remember.

Susan said...

Thank you for such beautiful poetry. My day will be much more joyous for having read this particular one. My hope is that the joy you put forth is returned to you with great intensity.