Friday, April 09, 2010

note to self

Note To Self
Now do you understand?
It was always
A fool's errand.
You never listen to me.
Never learn.
Expose your heart
And watch it shatter.
Speak its words unfiltered
And behold as they become
The wretched pillars of
Some twisted New Religion
And curdle
Into something sick and depraved.
Now do you understand?
Keep your soul to yourself.
It will never be enough.
Lock it up.
You only have one.
Are you finished now?
True, of souls I have but one
But I will not leave it
Languishing in some dungeon
Of your making
Never seeing the light of day
I will speak its words
Unshackled by your chains
I will not seek
My future
In your past
You are transient
I endure
And if I have embarked
On a fool's errand
I am not too proud
To be called a fool
Yes. I understand now.

About this piece: I almost didn't publish this because it sounds angry (oh dear!). Make what you want of it. That's the beauty of poetry. You can do that.
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