Thursday, July 01, 2010

55 flash fiction friday #82: caught between the devil and the burning sea

She was one of the few. The one in a hundred that made it from the beach to the sea without being killed by the ghost crabs. The one in a thousand that made it from the surf to the Sargasso Sea. Only to be caught in a box and burned alive like a heretic.
 Graciously hosted by G-Man.

Note: This is, sadly, not a work of fiction. The latest quick fix to come out of BP is to round up oil floating on the surface of the Gulf, contain it and burn it off. Along with anything else that happens to get caught in the corral. Which includes several endagered species of sea turtles, including the nearly extinct Kemp's Ridley. When I first heard the news, I considered the source and decided to research it further. But even isn't playing along with this one.

Worse yet, people who are trying to rescue the turtles from the oil spill -- and the burn boxes -- are being headed off before they can do their jobs according to with a Venice, LA boat captain attempting to rescue endangered animals affected by the spill.

If this bothers you and you want to speak out against it, there are petitions currently circulating from , and .

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Fireblossom said...

I watch as little news about the oil spill as possible, because I find it all so dispiriting and depressing, but I had heard about this. *sigh* Mankind at its worst.

hope said...

Thanks for bringing this to my attention...sad though it is.

I think we should throw BP officials into the spill and let THEIR skin soak it up.

Carmi said...

God, does this break my heart. Beyond the senselessness of if all, I'm angered by the fact that multinationals like BP seem to act with impunity when it comes to respecting our environment.

Sadly, these lovely creatures will never get their lives back - something I hope keeps BP's bumbling CEO up at night, his stomach knotted with guilt.

This imbalance just has to stop, and I keep hoping that this spill becomes the planet's once-and-for-all impetus to act.

G-Man said...

Excellent public awareness 55 Mojo!
What a sad state of affairs we are in.
Thanks for this post.
Have a Kick Ass Week-End, and God Bless America!

I hope the date went well brother

Brian Miller said...

is it just me or do they have not clue what they are doing, coming up with the stupidous ideas off the cuff...just shaking head, and shaking fist...nice 55.

Carver said...

It is so awful what the oil spill is doing to the sea life.

Nara said...

Breaks my heart that this just goes on and on and on. Petitions signed and boycotting forever.

Losing Mikey

C.M. Jackson said...

horrifying isn't it? great 55 and thanks for speaking for the wildlife in the Gulf-