Saturday, July 03, 2010

updated: caught between the devil and the burning sea

breaking news
A few of you read my 55 Flash Fiction piece this week, and were justifiably horrified by the story it told. Well apparently you weren't alone. Several groups generated enough attention to the travesty and enough people expressed enough outrage that according to this repoert in BP and the US Coast Guard are now taking measures to better protect the wildlife caught in the operations. The details aren't yet finalized, but any kind of plan is an improvement. A little good news is always welcome.

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Robin said...

Thank goodness. This was really a tragedy within a tragedy.

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C.M. Jackson said...

thanks for the follow-up--

hope said...

See, outrage in numbers DOES still work. Good for you for sharing!

Fireblossom said...

Good. I just wonder why it takes widespread outrage. It is so clearly wrong.