Sunday, May 01, 2011

Happy Anniversary Wendy. I Love You

One Year On
I had to pass this way you know.
I had to be where I was
To get to this place
To where I am now
To where you are
To where you and me become us.
The place where
What I dared not dream yesterday
Became the very fabric of my dreams today.

But you are not a dream.
I know this.
Because even in my wildest dreams
I could not have created you.
I would have left something out.
Some little thing,
And you would not be
The perfection that you are.
In every minute detail.

The words I want do not exist.
Not in any language I know of, at least.
Or perhaps they just elude me.
Or maybe,
Just maybe,
The only words that can express
What I want to say
Are as simple as
"I love you."

And now
Every day
Is the anniversary
Of something beautiful.

About this piece: A year ago today I went out for dinner with a beautiful woman who would turn my entire universe on its head. I didn't know it at the time, but I was about to discover what it is to be loved. Truly loved, for who I am, without improvements or alterations.

It's been a year now since that first date. It was only going to be dinner, that's all. Five hours later, when the manager of the Caribou had long since closed up shop and left us sitting on his patio we finally said goodnight.

On my way home, my not-inconsiderable vocabulary was reduced to three monosyllabic words: "Wow. Yeah. Damn!" A few weeks further on, it recovered enough to come up with this effort.

Out of that simple beginning grew something so wondrous and beautiful that I still struggle to find adequate words for it. The one that keeps surfacing, though, is "gift". Because I did nothing to earn this. I could not have done anything that good.

So all I can think of to say is, "I love you, Wendy. Happy Anniversary. Today and all the todays to come."

About the photo: An impromptu sand etching (sand-fitti?) at Kure Beach on a chilly New Year's Morning. Strangely enough, it seemed that after I left our mark on the beach, a lot of other people followed suit. Because when we retraced our steps back to where this was, there were several more such professions etched in the sand that weren't there when we passed that way before. It didn't bring about immediate world peace obviously, but maybe someday...

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Aayushi Mehta said...

This is so beautiful. Congratulations and the very best wishes to both of you.

I remember your earlier poem :) Enjoyed reading it again! :)

Carmi said...

You have always been wise enough, my friend, to recognize when lightning strikes, and to seize the opportunity when it does.

That first date with her says everything anyone needs to know about why destiny brought you and Wendy together. The imagery you've shared convinces me that, yeah, world peace may yet be attainable if enough of us are lucky enough to have the same kind of connection happen to us, and if enough of us are perceptive enough to let our hearts lead.

I am so happy for you both.

Sylvia K said...

How very happy I am for you! Beautiful post! It is the best of all worlds, isn't it?


Daryl said...

Wendy ... thank you for making my friend so happy .... Daryl

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, both of you... beautiful words, powerful tribute to the bond between you both.

Carmi said it so perfectly- so glad you seized this moment, this day and made it yours.

kenju said...

So THAT'S what you've been doing since I saw you last! Happy Anniversary, Mojo, and I wish you both many more.

Anonymous said...

Lovely and very sweet! :)
I'm glad you've found someone special to share your life with!
All the best to Wendy & you!

tiff said...

and that there is the reason for the light in your eyes when I last saw you, lo those many months ago. Congratulations!

me said...

So very happy that you are happy! May your 25th Anniversary be as sweet as your 1st!

Cravey said...

How much do I love this? (both the poem and the joy behind it) more than I can say.

I'm happy for you friend, and for Wendy too.

Ishtar said...

So beautiful!!