Thursday, May 01, 2014

Happy Anniversary -- I Love You!

Four Years On
Four years.
That's like 98 human years or something.
And yet
Here I am
waking up with Our Song
Playing on the iHead®
And with your face
Just behind my eyes
Where only I can see
I long ago stopped trying
To figure out how it was
That fortune favored me so grandly.
It's just enough that She did.

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1 comment:

Carmi Levy said...

Sometimes, it seems that time moves faster than we'd like. But when we manage to freeze it for a fleeting moment to appreciate just how blessed we are, we often realize how precious this thing called time really is. I've always been inspired by the way you inherently get how all of this works.

Sometimes 4 years can seem like 98. But with the right person, 98 feels like 4. Years, months, even minutes or seconds: when you're with the one who fate picked for you, time does funny things. Good things. To your head and your heart.

Only good things for you both, for as many years as the universe can possibly muster. Blessings, my friend.