Thursday, December 03, 2009

Once More With Feeling! Happy Birthday to You...

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It's been a pretty busy couple of days here at Casa Mojo - otherwise known as Birthday Party Central. Four in three days. Whew! And honey, you almost got the short end of it 'cause I was almost tapped for ideas. But then snap!... with a side order of "duh". Folks, our young Kaylia here's just published a book. So for her special-special day, I'm gonna shamelessly advertise it for her which I can do 'cause I've actually read it. You should too. It's available from Amazon (follow the yellow brick link below) or, you can get a signed first edition direct from Kay's website or you can go to Kay's website and find a couple of other outlets if neither of those suits you.

"Links, on"

I hope you sell a million Kay. Or at least enough to require a second printing. ('Cause that'll boost the value of my signed first edition considerably! Oh stop. I paid extra for that!)


To the lady who brought us the Mini-Meme , to the author who got me to not only buy, but read a short fiction collection, to a dauntless defender of marriage equality and one of my favorite all-around people, raise a glass of... whatever that is you've got there, and join me in wishing her the happiest, bestest, most awesomeest birthday ever.

So far.

And get the book. You'll like it.

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Mona said...

Happy Birthday to Kay :)

Daryl said...

All this birthday party-ing is such fun and you are so very clever and dear to celebrate your blog buds ... I am LOL when did Mojo get reading glasses?

Happy Birthday and sell those books! Kaylia!

Kaylia said...

Thank you Mojo!

I feel so special! (Also, I love the cartoon!!!!)

Brian Miller said... perhaps i need to read the book...

SandyCarlson said...

Happy Birthday to Kay!

Tonka's expression has me a little concerned, though....

Great stuff.

Cloudia said...

Book & birthday Par-tay!

Aloha, Friend

Comfort Spiral