Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's here! BTS '08

Bloggin' the Square '08 is Today!Click for deets and directions

It's here! The Inaugural Bloggin' the Square begins today at 4:00 pm. Rendezvous is on the roof of the parking garage at the corner of S. Blount St. and E. Hargett St. (directly across Blount St from the Marbles Kids' Museum -- formerly Exploris for those who may have known it by that name.)
Raleigh's City Market District (right across the street from Moore Square) has a host of epicurean opportunities available for dinner, or there will be food and beverage vendors at the event itself for those of you more inclined towards alfresco dining. Bring your lawn chairs, and prepare for an evening of free music, people watching and general good times.
The headliners for the show are (in probable order of appearance): Eve 6, Saving Abel and Puddle of Mudd. Other bands (not named on the DTL schedule) will kick off the festivities at 2:00 if you want to show up early. For those inclined to consume frosty malt beverages, make sure you get your wrist bands at the entrance or be prepared to hear the Bier Nazi bark "No beer for you!"
Remember there's no registration stuff to deal with or anything, so if you feel like coming down you won't miss your chance until tomorrow when it's all over.
"What the Fashion Conscious Blogger Will Be Wearing at BTS '08" (Click to embiggen)

This is the eXtreme Model BTS tee, which is probably a touch over the top but easy to recognize. Early polling results suggest that most participants are planning to opt for a more basic "Sharpie Marker" look. the weather looks like it's going to cooperate, and the park is on the east side of the city "backbone" meaning the shade will commence probably just about rendezvous time. So come on down and party like it's Y2K - 1. We want to meet you!
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Mona said...


Mona said...

Now that is one cool event that I'm going to miss!
& that is one cool blogger with a cool white T :)

Have fun!

& I am still lamenting never having had a drink...

Mojo said...

Mona: No need lamenting never having a drink. I had enough for both of us before I quit. It's actually more amusing this way.

Anonymous said...

I hope you'll get good pictures!! Have a blast!!

In response to your comment about "renting small children for an evening," there are plenty of small children "owners" who would gladly pay you for the use of their children for an evening! Lol.


mamie said...

Take some pix - I need some entertainment after being at the hospital with my dad for THREE SOLID DAYZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.