Sunday, September 07, 2008

Random Weirdness (or "Espresso Dreams")

Did you ever have one of those experiences when a song came on the radio or CD player at just the perfect moment? When it seemed so appropriate that it almost had to have been planned?

It happened to me Saturday night. The CD in the truck was a home-brewed mix of my favorite tracks by Evanescence. I'd been to have coffee with a friend at Cup-a-Joe at Mission Valley Shopping Center. It was still a bit early -- just after 10 PM, a nice night and some "processing" was in order. So I took the "scenic route" home.
(Warning: Weird mood approaching)

Straight through the heart of the NCSU campus, and down Hillsborough Street with Amy Lee's dulcet voice belting out Sweet Sacrifice, then Going Under.

Leave the campus behind and reach the outskirts of the city core to the tune of Bring Me To Life Call Me When You're Sober.

Glenwood South coming up on the left, but there's no left turn here.

Double back on West Street, then Edenton Street.

Back onto Hillsborough going in the right direction this time.

Round the corner onto Glenwood Ave, as Amy begins Everybody's Fool...
Perfect by nature, icons of self-indulgence
Just what we all need
More lies about a world
That never was and never will be
Have you no shame, don't you see me?
You know you've got everybody fooled.
There couldn't be a more fitting soundtrack for the six blocks I'm about to cover. Twist the volume up, so the litle black dress on the right can hear.
Look here she comes now
Bow down and stare in wonder.
Oh, how we love you
No flaws when you're pretending
But now I know she
Never was and never will be
You don't know how you betrayed me
And somehow you've got everybody fooled.
The queues for the must-be-seen-in clubs stretch down the block. Maybe Nickelback's Rockstar would be a better choice here? No... Amy's got something for them too.
Without the mask
Where will you hide?
Can't find yourself,
Lost in your lies
I know the truth now
I know who you are
And I don't love you anymore
The door panels are trembling, straining to contain the speaker mounts now, as Amy sings to the sidewalk tables full of happy shiny people.
Never was and never will be
You don't know how you betrayed me
And somehow you've got everybody fooled.
And finally, at Peace Street where the palpable trendiness ends, she leaves a reminder.
Never was and never will be
You're not real and you can't save me
And somehow now you're everybody's fool.

Thanks for the company Amy. It's always a pleasure.
Hear (See) it for yourself (and crank it up)
Everybody's Fool
Fallen © 2003 Wind-Up Records Ltd.
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Winter said...

She's definitely mood music. When I have to write an especially moody piece I put her on. She's very good inspiration.

snowelf said...

Mojo, you KNOW that kind of stuff happens to me all the time. :)
How can you not love Amy's voice. It is awesome.


Mojo said...

Snow: If I'd thought about it the title of your blog would suggest that yeah, this kind of thing would happen to you all the time.

This is pretty much my all-time favorite Evanescence song anyway, but the video gives it a whole added dimension.

So did the "ironic coincidence" Saturday night. Only made me love the song more.