Friday, October 31, 2008

Birthdays Suck (wink): Update - it's not my birthday, it's Winter's

Update: I'm not sure why -- maybe it was the title -- but a few people have reached the conclusion that this post is for my birthday. It's not. Mine was months ago. This is one of my patented Mojo e-Cards that I do if you or someone you know happens to let it slip to me when your birthday is (with enough advance time for me to cobble together a suitable graphic). Anyhow, it's not my birthday today... it's Winter's!

You might know her as Winter, or you may know her as Lex Valentine, purveyor of steamy vampire fiction. In case you don't know her at all, you can find out more at (Notice: You must be at least this tall to ride.) Does being born on Halloween make you more likely to be a creator of vampire fiction? Or is it (as Snowelf might put it) just another ironic coincidence? Either way you know birthdays are kind of a big deal 'round Mojo's house, so it doesn't really matter which was the chicken and which was the egg. So settle in and have some cake (pumpkin, 'cos that's her favorite!), sign the card, or pay her a visit.

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kenju said...

Have the happiest of birthdays, Mojo! See you soon!

The photos are still not there for me, nor are there any others showing up. Must be a problem with my new software. :-/

Daryl said...

Spookiest of birthday wishes, Winter ... play no tricks, give only treats!



Lex Valentine said...

What a cool pic! Thank you so much Mojo! And many thanks to everyone else too! MUAH!

Kay said...

My mother's birthday is also today,

Happy birthday Winter!


lisaschaos said...

Well that's pretty! Happy Birthday to Winter! :) My doggie was born the day before Halloween and she loves vampires too. :)