Friday, October 31, 2008

55 Flash Fiction Friday #18: Chapter 11 - Yaadein (II)

Some stories are the same in any language
In the days that followed, she became aware of him. In shadows, or at a distance, his eyes cataloguing every detail of her. And she, a mere Shudra, did not dare return his gaze. Had she done so, it likely would have frightened her. Because the fire that burned there did not warm, but consumed.

yaadein: Memories
Shudra: One of four major castes in India, the Shudra are normally employed as farm laborers and domestic servants though some groups of artisans and craftsmen belong to this caste as well. During the early colonial period, the agents of the British East India Company encouraged separation along caste lines as it made the population more manageable. Later the British Crown ostensibly outlawed discrimination against the "lower" castes, but tacitly approved of the division because such discrimination fit neatly with their foreign policy of "divide and rule", and closely mirrored Britain's own class structure. Ironically caste identities became more prominent and more firmly established during this period.
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